Located in Forked River Beach, New Jersey, Saltwater Audio is a project studio providing high-quality audio recording and mixing, while offering artists full access to gear and amenities. We specialize in mixing, mastering and recording with the ability to assist in songwriting, session playing, beat production and sound design.



  • Listen to the session with fresh ears while taking notes.
  • Static mix employing proper gain staging and panning.
  • Calculated EQing to ensure each track sits well in the mix and has its own space.
  • Sophisticated use of compression techniques (track, bus, parallel, etc.) to enhance energy, feel and punch.
  • Use of Harmonic Saturation (console, tape and hardware emulation) to give your mix that exciting, analog sound.
  • Artistic implementation of Reverb, Delay and other special effects to enhance 3-Dimensionality.
  • Track automation to ensure every part of the session is audible and sitting properly in the mix.
  • Final mixes are summed “out of the box” using Dangerous Analog Summing and printed through a variety.
  • Rate: $450 per mix. Includes 2 FREE revisions.


  • Universal volume leveling to prepare tracks for listening playback.
  • Apply corrective EQ and dynamic compression to optimize sound.
  • Techniques ensure optimal volume, tone and playback across all listening devices.
  • Rate: $60 per song (stereo master). $100 per song (stem mastering). Includes 2 FREE revisions.


  • Fully-functional project studio full of world-class gear.
  • Plethora of instruments at your disposal, ensuring the best tone/sound possible, with over 30 different guitars and basses.
  • Comfortable environment to help you relax and capture the best performances possible.
  • Premium quality microphones, outboard gear and converters available. (Neumann, Shure, AEA, Miktek, AKG, Universal Audio, Dangerous Music, BAE, Avalon, Focusrite, Grace Design, etc.)
  • Recording packages include production, mixing and mastering.
  • Rate: Varies. Please contact me for pricing.


  • Drum editing ($100 per song)
  • Vocal pitch correction ($100 per song)
  • Timing correction and overall tightening (included in mixing)
  • MIDI Editing
  • Drum edits AND vocal pitch correction ($150 per song)
  • Special packages include editing, mixing and mastering.
  • Rate: Packages start at $500 per song.


  • Write your next song with a trained musician and songwriter.
  • Compose chord progressions from scratch on a variety of instruments (guitar, piano, voice, mandolin, etc.)
  • Instrument solos
  • Vocal melodies
  • In-person or Skype songwriting sessions. 
  • Rate: Varies. Please contact me for pricing. 


  • Professional musician and multi-instrumentalist with 17+ years experience. (electric guitar, acoustic guitar, piano, keyboards, mandolin, ukulele and banjo).
  • Ability to serve as a vocalist (sing lead, harmony, background vocals, etc.)
  • Versed in a multitude of genres (rock, pop, country, hip-hop, blues, etc.)
  • Use of world-class instruments, amplifiers and microphones. See GEAR page for complete list.
  • Hi-res, multi-track recordings delivered in WAV, AIFF, MP3 or format of your choice.
  • Effective method of obtaining that sound you’ve been hearing in your head but unable to master yourself. 
  • Rate: Sessions start at $100.


Please visit our CONTACT page for booking inquiries or general questions.